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Hi, my name is Chloe and I work with my mum running DEP InDEPendent providing independent mortgage advice to our clients.  I used to work in European Operations in Halifax plc head office.  We worked with our Spanish bank – Banco Halifax Hispania, and although we were based in the UK we worked solely for clients wanting to buy in Spain and we organised the Spanish mortgage albeit from the UK.  So I have been working in the Spanish property mortgage market for almost 10 years.
I was actually born here in Spain in Marbella, I lived and was educated here up until I was 9 years of age so I speak Spanish quite well.  Unfortunately due to personal reasons my mum had to go back to the UK at that stage in my life and I finished my schooling in Halifax, West Yorkshire.
I am a very outgoing person and love meeting people.  My interests are horse riding, socialising and my dogs and cats. Music is also a passion of mine and love the drive down the mountain into Marbella singing my head off!
I always missed Spain and knew one day I would be back here to live.  There is something about this beautiful country that gets under your skin and it’s impossible to leave.  I can talk to clients selling the advantages of living the dream over here for hours.  Talking of clients, both my mum and I love our job and when we first meet a new client who is excited about buying a home in the sun we are determined to help them to our utmost ability, guiding them through the process of how to get a Spanish mortgage.  Customer service is our number 1 priority, so if you are thinking about buying in Spain and need finance to help you do this then you can definitely put your trust in DEP InDEPendent.
Hi, my name is Larraine and I work with my daughter Chloe helping our clients apply for a mortgage and understand the interest rates in Spain.  I first came to live here over 30 years ago when the border between Spain and Gibraltar was close permanently.  In those days the ex pats over here didn’t trust foreign banks so much and preferred to bank in Gibraltar like Barclays or Nat West etc.  Before the border was open some would actually go by boat from Estepona to Gib to draw out their Sterling, change it into Pesetas, bring it back into Spain and repeat the process a month later, having said that obviously times have changed and expats are as familiar with Spanish banks as UK ones i.e Santander
I kept thinking at the time that a UK bank to open on the Costa de Sol would clean up.  Things became easier when the border opened but they still made the same trip but by car now, so a little easier.
As you have gleaned from the piece on Chloe, after we had returned to the UK I got a job with the Halifax bank and they were just opening a European Operations department.  I was lucky enough to get a job in there and kept on and on about opening up in Spain.  It took a bit of convincing but as my father used to say “persistence breaks resistance” and eventually Banco Halifax Hispania was born.  I was there from the beginning and therefore have worked in the Spanish mortgage market for over 20 years.
My interests outside work are first and foremost reading.  I could open a library with all the books I have and can lose myself completely in a book.  I am also interested in politics and world affairs and get very into all the debates between the parties in the UK and world sky news.  I hope that doesn’t make me sound boring…I think it is more than likely down to the fact that I just like to know everything that is going on everywhere!!!
Just to reiterate what Chloe said, we are a very caring team of 2 who will look after your interests here in Spain as if they were our own.  We take pride in helping expatriates find thew right mortgage on the Costa del Sol.

To say Larraine and Chloe took the stress out of getting a Spainish mortgage would be an understatement, each meeting with them gave us confidence.  We were very nervous of the process initially but they took good care of us.  We would recommend them to anyone buying in Spain.

Bev and Angela