Spain is Still Number One for European Ex-Pats – Spanish mortgage lenders love this!

Spain is Still Number One for European Ex-Pats – Spanish mortgage lenders love this!

Most of us were hit in some way by the financial crisis, some of us worse than others. For some, the repercussions continued for years and the depressing conversations at home or at work seemed endless. The idea of getting a bank loan in Spain seemed like a far away dream, but now that it finally seems to be over. Can we think about trying to live our lives again? Is it time to escape the austerity and misery of Cameron’s Britain, or the freezing winters of Norway or New England, and seek warmer climes in a more pleasant environment?

For Brits moving to Eurozone countries, the time to get a mortgage in Spain has never been better. Since the global financial crash, the pound to the euro has been increasingly strong, and this summer treated Brits to a seven and a half year peak – meaning they will get 10% more euros than last year. For those looking to buy a second home abroad, or even a replacement for their existing one, the first questions will probably be this: which country would be the best choice and where can I find a mortgage specialist to guide me through the process? Well, there are certainly options but as is often the case, there can be cons to counteract those pros. The beautiful scenery, rich culture and excellent cuisine of Italy have always been a draw for those coming from less romantic heritage, but the lengthy buying process and difficult planning permission laws can make the move a headache for many.


One man’s loss is another man’s gain

200,000 Brits own property in France, and its central location in Europe can make it easier to get to for ex-pats hailing from Northern or Eastern Europe, but with a lower cost of living in comparison to France (58.53 on Numbeo’s consumer price index compared to France’s 79.29), neighbouring Spain is a more obvious choice for many. In addition to lower prices, Spain boasts a near-perfect climate and coasts that francophiles could only dream about. Life in Spain has always had an appeal for those wanting to escape the Northern climes, but has the time for buying property in Spain been and gone? Not according to the Spanish government, which is keen to attract investor confidence and boost tourism. The recession in Spain has been devastating and, sad as that may seem to some, what’s bad news for Spain’s economy is good news for ex-pats buying property.


The property crash in Spain is continuing to a certain extent; by comparison to other European countries in which it has long since ended, anyway. This means that now is the best possible time to make that move, a view held by Mark Stucklin, founder of Spanish Property Insight. He also stresses that it is much safer for ex-pat buyers in the Spanish market, now that corruption is lower and people are generally more informed of the risks. In the past, many taking advantages of the favourable exchange rates and the low price of property have been cheated of their investments and left high and dry, but now with more vigilant regulations and honest property agents and mortgage brokers Spain is a safer market.
Buyers looking to invest in Spanish property should look for experienced professionals in the field who can offer assistance and give valued advice about the property market. A trusted mortgage broker will give you the answers you are looking for. For a free mortgage quote, visit us at this address:

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