Time to Take the Right Advice!

Time to Take the Right Advice!

The boom is most definitely making a steady comeback to the property market in Spain and with that comes lots of potential clients looking for a home, property or a dream of living in the sun once again.  It is as we know a good time to buy and that is why we think it is also a good time for you to get the right independent mortgage advice.

Not only are house prices hitting an all time low in 7 years but with Spain’s economic stability is improving, tax revenue is growing, so now is the time to apply for a Spanish property mortgage.  There is also a much more stable banking system right now, as government are making sure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated.

So in saying this, lending figures are on the rise, with a lower lending mortgage rate now, that has dropped from 4.21% to 3.29% in 2014.  This has only helped to boost confidence with buyers looking for Spanish properties, a significant percentage of them being foreign investors.  With 22% of mortgages in Spain on the rise in the year so far.  So for buyers on the Costa del sol who have waited for the crisis to be over and for the bottom of the market to be reached, it certainly suggests that 2015 will increasingly become one of the best times to apply for a loan on the Costa del Sol.

It is safe to say in the turbulent times for the financial sector, that people are possibly a little sceptical of banks right now and who could blame them?  Many may feel that they cannot be trusted when it comes to giving the best advice for them, and most people are only looking for this when considering financial assistance.

The road to obtaining a mortgage here in Spain can be a rocky one anyway, with possible pit falls that will not necessarily be obvious to the client, especially if they live outside of the country.  Expats in particular should really consider the help of a professional mortgage broker, who has many years of experience in the business and who have a wide knowledge of all the different banks in the areas.

While you the potential client will already have the worries and the mountainous paperwork it takes to get through regarding acquiring a new property.  The last thing you will need is to have to find your way through a maze of banks, to get to the one with the best deal for your financial options.  It’s just too scary a place to be.

The support and security of a mortgage broker will ease the worried client and any questions that arise can be put to rights immediately, with little effort from yourselves.  This is the role of the mortgage broker, to make sure the road less travelled is navigated in a comfortable and safe way.  Here are a few things that you can be sure of when you take the hand of a mortgage broker here…

Independent advice

This is so very important that advice given is independent as one rule does not fit all.  We understand that finances from person to person are very different and we take this into consideration, when looking into what are the right options for you.

Knowing the ropes

Experience with a multitude of banks and how they operate is crucial to gaining this type of knowledge, to obtaining the pros and cons and how this will benefit or affect you in the future.  Being able to anticipate any problems or issues that may arise is vital to navigating your way, making it a smooth as possible journey.

Insurance options

Once again very important and if you’re not aware of how you can get so tangled up in all the red tape in Spain, could possibly put you off completely.  We absolutely do not want that for you!  So in order to cut you free, we will explain the insurance options needed or not necessarily mandatory, so you can make the right choices depending on your circumstances.

No stone unturned

Every independent mortgage broker worth their salt will know what an incredibly stressful time this can be for the client and to be with them, with the answers and a gentle word is all that is needed sometimes.  As long as the client’s mind is at rest then we have done our job well.  This above all is what is of the utmost importance to us.

If you are looking to find the type of mortgage advisor that will be there with you at every turn, then you are in the right place.  Contact us for a free mortgage quote and let us guide you the rest of the way.

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